Monthly Archives: January 2015

Favorite sweatpants


Today is the anniversary of my dad’s death. It blows my mind that it has already been nine years…nine years of thinking of him often, nine years of wishing he could meet my children, and nine years of trying to find our new “normal” as a family without its patriarch. My dad was one of those guys you’d want to meet— he modeled the value of relationships, parented sternly and quietly, and demonstrated honesty in all he did.

In the confines of our home, and sometimes while mowing the lawn, my dad might not have been known for his fashion prowess. Today, as nutty as it sounds, I find myself yearning to see him once again, even if he is in those ugly purple sweatpants with a gold NORTHWESTERN written the entire length of his left leg— oh, those sweatpants he wore with black socks and white walking shoes! (It’s a good thing God matched him with his bride, Maureen, whose fashion seems to come naturally). I miss my dad. I really do… Even in his ugly purple sweatpants.

Wise beyond her years

Elizabeth is trying to teach Ryan the art of keeping some thoughts to himself… Part of her instruction included, “Ryan, if you would just keep your thoughts in your mind, we wouldn’t fight.” Hmmm… #‎wisebeyondheryears

Carpet lines

There is a nutty rule in my family that you cannot walk on a carpet that has fresh vacuum lines on it. I was teaching Emma the forgotten art of vacuuming from one corner of her room and working it all the way out the door. During the lesson she walked across my fresh lines; I stopped and pointed out, “Emma, did you see what you just did?” Clueless, she looked at me and said, “I walked on the carpet??” Incredulously, I said, “Um, yeah?!” She still doesn’t get it.