Monthly Archives: May 2016


I swerved my car a bit and said, “woah!” And the Littlest Ginger asked what happened if I went off the road, and I listed a few possibilities, one of which was I could get stuck in the mud. He asked if I could get arrested, and I said maybe. Smarty pants decided that a tow truck could get here faster than the police and I wouldn’t get captured.

Pee Break

We were at Ginger1’s soccer game and the Littlest Ginger says, “Daddy, I have to go potty.” Paul responds, “Hold on, Buddy. I will take you.” And I said as I was turning around to nudge him, “You better go fast or he’s going to just pee right here in front of and in the middle of this crowd of people.” And sure enough, there was Ginger4, pants at his ankles, peeing right where he was. People looked at me, horrified, and Paul reassured them by saying, “He’s number four,” and it was like everyone immediately knew the implication…