Monthly Archives: April 2017

Parenting in Survival Mode

Lately I have been feeling pretty confident that I was exiting “Survival Mode” and moving into a more comfortable approach to parenting, so today I decided a new tactic was worth exploring: gentleness. In every reminder, I used the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. (It had to be Him since there is very little about me that is gentle). When the kids would ask me a question, I’d respond nicely, calmly, almost in a whisper. When it came time to get Ginger4 ready for preschool, he looked at me in wonderment, amazed I hadn’t yelled at him that we were running late or reminded him that he can’t find his shoes because he failed to put them away the night before. He came to me with a concerned look and asked me if I was feeling okay. Then he yelled at me because we were late to school. Oh, the irony! I suppose all my screaming does this survivalist some good from time to time.

A Toast for Friendship

Paul found this when he emptied Ginger2’s lunchbox yesterday. She stores her “treasures” in a side pocket so I don’t find them and throw them away. This heart bottle opener, she says, was a special present from a friend from school. I wonder what they’re doing at lunchtime?!!!😜

Embarrassed (once again)…

I am not sure which is more embarrassing — Ginger3 announcing (in the grocery store check-out) we’re camping for spring break because “we’re a bunch of hillbillies,” or Ginger4 asking, after a dip in the pool, “Mom, do we need to take a shower after this, or does this take care of it?” (For the record, “this” took care of it).


We’re in Florida, celebrating Spring Break, and Ginger3 is complaining about a hiking “adventure” I decided we would take. He maintains, “We live miserable lives.” I am sure he is simply perfecting his craft of sarcasm.