Monthly Archives: May 2017

Ice Cream

Friends of ours hosted a last-day-of-school ice cream social for the neighborhood kids and friends. Ginger4 filled his bowl, ate it quickly and went back for more. When I told him he needed to ask permission before helping himself to another bowl, he said he didn’t need to ask permission– he already knew what I would say. I asked him what I’d say, and he responded, “No, absolutely not.” He concluded he didn’t like the predicted response and took matters into his own hands.

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Pay

Paul finally has a child who shares similar interests. Ginger4 watches everything he does and tries to do it better. When he was really young, we’d have to block out some space so he couldn’t see what we were doing because there are some things you just don’t want a little kid to observe (like undoing the lid on a jar of vitamins, using a knife to open a box, building a fire, etc. etc.) Lately,  neighbors (notice I didn’t mention Paul in this) have been pruning the bushes lining their landscaping.  In his curiosity, Ginger4 decided to take our hedge sheers off a top shelf in the garage and cut off the tops of all my flowers. The bad news is that he left a trail of evidence. The good news is that he admitted it.