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Gingers seeking fun= happy gingers.

Trucker Salute

Back in the olden days, when Paul and I were dating, he drove a Jeep. We’d drive around Cincinnati worry-free (or at least it seems like that now that I look back on it), Paul teaching me the appropriate hand signals to offer other Jeep drivers, while I soaked in Cincinnati, trying to discern if this could really become my forever home. He didn’t think I was paying attention then, but I was (at least a little bit). Then the engagement happened, and Paul bought a used Ford truck from my dad’s company (maybe that would win him over?), and I had to learn the appropriate hand signals to offer other truck drivers. He didn’t think I was paying attention then, either, and he’s probably right– I was planning a wedding!! Either way, after thirteen years of lessons, I think I might have it down.IMG_E0122.JPG

Summer Camp Magic

I love the confidence my girls gain while they are away for a week at Y Camp Ernst in Burlington, KY. They learn to do things on their own or with a group, choose activities daily that interest them, challenge themselves in ropes courses, swim with their cabins. Most importantly, they are put into cabins with girls they don’t know, they learn to build a small community, deal with conflict, and encourage one another throughout the week.

Though they come home exhausted, they come out of Camp Ernst nicer and more caring than when they left. They are more confident about themselves and offer grace to those around them. I love that it’s the same magic-packed week I experienced when I was a camper, counselor and staff member at Phantom Lake Y Camp.

Ice Cream

Friends of ours hosted a last-day-of-school ice cream social for the neighborhood kids and friends. Ginger4 filled his bowl, ate it quickly and went back for more. When I told him he needed to ask permission before helping himself to another bowl, he said he didn’t need to ask permission– he already knew what I would say. I asked him what I’d say, and he responded, “No, absolutely not.” He concluded he didn’t like the predicted response and took matters into his own hands.

Accomplishing everything

I am feeling overwhelmed. I am looking at a stack of clean laundry overflowing three (not two, three, laundry baskets… ) all snoring in the corner of my bedroom. There is a heap of dishes on the counter begging to be cleaned and an odorous laundry room aching for some attention. I have turned down invitations and asked for some grace. I am exhausted from signing up for things I don’t have time for, and I stay up late trying to fit more hours into my day.

Yet this afternoon I spent an hour on the floor with my three babies to escape it all. We churned out the best giggles known to mankind. We wrestled, made faces at each other, tickled, laughed, snorted, and went right back to it once the silence hit. It was a great afternoon of getting nothing done yet accomplishing everything. Thank you, Jesus!