Accomplishing everything

I am feeling overwhelmed. I am looking at a stack of clean laundry overflowing three (not two, three, laundry baskets… ) all snoring in the corner of my bedroom. There is a heap of dishes on the counter begging to be cleaned and an odorous laundry room aching for some attention. I have turned down invitations and asked for some grace. I am exhausted from signing up for things I don’t have time for, and I stay up late trying to fit more hours into my day.

Yet this afternoon I spent an hour on the floor with my three babies to escape it all. We churned out the best giggles known to mankind. We wrestled, made faces at each other, tickled, laughed, snorted, and went right back to it once the silence hit. It was a great afternoon of getting nothing done yet accomplishing everything. Thank you, Jesus!

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