Don’t go to time-out hungry

Ginger2 asked for a snack. I gave her the option– fruit snacks or goldfish. She chose fruit snacks which she quickly stuffed (all of them) in her mouth. When I told her I didn’t think that was a good idea, she spit them out and put them on a napkin. A few minutes later, she said she was hungry, so I reintroduced her to her wet fruit snacks. After I told her she needed to eat them in the kitchen, she spit at me in anger. I asked her if she just spit at me, and she nodded her head. I pointed to her time-out spot, and she calmly reached her hand up to the table, grabbed a wet fruit snack, stuffed it into her mouth and then went into time out. That kid cracks me up!

The thing is, I might have lost my mind in frustration, but at the very last minute, God gave me His humor, enough to keep me in check and offer me a chuckle. Are there other maddening moments in our day where we can decipher the irony and humor just in time to take us off the course of anger or frustration? I mean, the kid was hungry, and what fun is time-out when your stomach is growling?

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