Monthly Archives: January 2017

No, David!

As a high school English teacher, one of the ways I taught students to think about literature was to compare the trials, triumphs, and circumstances of the main character to their own lives. Well, the Littlest Ginger has mastered this skill at age four, and interestingly enough, the character and circumstances he most relates to is in David Shannon’s No, David😳😬

The Better, the Sooner

Ginger4: Mom, it should be “the better, the sooner.”

Me: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ginger4: If you move here from South Africa and go to work in a cafe, the boss of the cafe will ask you, “When do you want to start?” You would probably say, “The sooner, the better,” but I think you should say, “The better, the sooner.”

Where does he get this stuff?

Note to self: This kids watches too much television.