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These gingers like to find the funny in life.

No, David!

As a high school English teacher, one of the ways I taught students to think about literature was to compare the trials, triumphs, and circumstances of the main character to their own lives. Well, the Littlest Ginger has mastered this skill at age four, and interestingly enough, the character and circumstances he most relates to is in David Shannon’s No, David😳😬

The Better, the Sooner

Ginger4: Mom, it should be “the better, the sooner.”

Me: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Ginger4: If you move here from South Africa and go to work in a cafe, the boss of the cafe will ask you, “When do you want to start?” You would probably say, “The sooner, the better,” but I think you should say, “The better, the sooner.”

Where does he get this stuff?

Note to self: This kids watches too much television.

Pinky Swear

The Littlest Ginger and I had a serious discussion about listening when our moms tell us something. After several tries, I finally convinced him, in a repeat-after-me session, “I am sorry, Mom. I will listen to you from now on.” When I asked him to pinky swear, his face indicated that I had taken my request too far. He admitted, “I don’t think I will listen to you forever. I might forget.” Paul immediately got up from the table to fill my pint. That kid… my expectations…

Preschool Carpool

Spiced up preschool carpool with some “Uptown Funk” and the Littlest Ginger was trying to convince his BFF (who has this song mastered) to sing, “Boys hit your Hallelujah” instead of the girls’ version. She wouldn’t have it. Oh no she wouldn’t! After declaring she was a girl, her singing grew significantly louder– “GIIIIRRRRLLLSS hit your Halelujah!” The Littlest Ginger wanted me to turn off the song after that. No worries– We’ll jam to some Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what you want” on our way home.

When later asked why he wanted his girly BFF to sing about boys, Jack responded, “I wanted her to cheer me on!”