Team Parenting

Though we might have different approaches to accomplish the same things, Paul is way more amazing at capturing those fun learning moments with our kids. He seizes every opportunity to teach them, much like his parents did for him. He is purposeful in “putting out fires” with the kids, helping them view bigger pictures, choose the right course of action, or even get over themselves at times. He has a different level of caring patience that I admire. This P&G Day with Dad is just a snapshot of one of these opportunities. He juggled his travel and busy work schedule to accommodate this day because he knows its importance to our kids. They had first time, and maybe once-in-a-lifetime, experiences and all three of them look back on this memory as special, impactful, and educational. Time with their dad is never boring! They are lucky to have him. They have so much love for him.2016-07-28-pg-day-with-dad

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