There was a day when a friend told me about her child’s drawing-on-the-wall shinanigans, and I said a prayer of thanks that mine had never done that… but discovered a few days later that one of my darlings had actually shared his/her artistic talents on our walls in pen and marker. And then there was a day when I thanked God in the shower that we were finally over the stage where the kids might feel empowered enough to cut their own hair… and I came out of the shower only to find Elizabeth standing in front of the mirror, asking me how her hair got so short… And then there was the day we thought it was time to get nice new leather furniture– surely our kids are old enough to have nicer furniture— and then I go to sit in said furniture only to discover circles and “As” written all over it. And now we don’t have writing utensils, scissors, clean walls or nice furniture. The good news is everyone is still alive. 😜

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