Wacky Wednesday

Because of some fun neighborhood traditions my childhood friends created long ago, I decided our neighborhood needed some of our own. I created what we call “Wacky Wednesday.” Wacky Wednesday happens during the summer– it is a weekly evening activity that families take turns planning and executing. The idea is that everyone takes a break from electronics, bringing families, neighbors, and friends together to have fun. We might go on a hike, play whiffle ball, engage in kickball, or collect donations for various outreaches. This has become a fun way for adults and kids alike to engage and build community, and the kids love and look forward to all the fun each week.

Wacky Wednesday has taken on a life of its own. Other neighborhoods are building their community in similar ways, and it’s awesome to see their posts on social media. I love that we’re engaging with one another, enjoying summer childhood fun, and building family and community.


Photo credit Aidaris Jimenez

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