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Baby Talk

This started as a sweet conversation on our way home from preschool and ended, well…

Jack: I wish we could have another baby.
Me: Aww, Jack, that’s awesome that you want another baby in the family.
Jack: Yeah, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to pray for one.
Me: Why?
Jack: Well, if I pray for a baby, then the baby would grow in MY belly. So maybe you should pray for one.
Me: Hmmm…
Jack: I mean, my belly isn’t big enough to have a baby, but yours is!

An end of an era…

It’s a sad day for this momma. I can no longer use haphazard logic to talk the gingers out of doing things. As we’re checking out of Meijer, Ginger3 pleads to sit on the automated horse for a penny. I tried convincing him that little babies with poopie diapers sit on the same horse. Ginger3 concluded, “I think you just say these things to make me change my mind.”
Darn it!