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An end of an era…

It’s a sad day for this momma. I can no longer use haphazard logic to talk the gingers out of doing things. As we’re checking out of Meijer, Ginger3 pleads to sit on the automated horse for a penny. I tried convincing him that little babies with poopie diapers sit on the same horse. Ginger3 concluded, “I think you just say these things to make me change my mind.”
Darn it!

Wacky Wednesday

Because of some fun neighborhood traditions my childhood friends created long ago, I decided our neighborhood needed some of our own. I created what we call “Wacky Wednesday.” Wacky Wednesday happens during the summer– it is a weekly evening activity that families take turns planning and executing. The idea is that everyone takes a break from electronics, bringing families, neighbors, and friends together to have fun. We might go on a hike, play whiffle ball, engage in kickball, or collect donations for various outreaches. This has become a fun way for adults and kids alike to engage and build community, and the kids love and look forward to all the fun each week.

Wacky Wednesday has taken on a life of its own. Other neighborhoods are building their community in similar ways, and it’s awesome to see their posts on social media. I love that we’re engaging with one another, enjoying summer childhood fun, and building family and community.


Photo credit Aidaris Jimenez

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Pay

Paul finally has a child who shares similar interests. Ginger4 watches everything he does and tries to do it better. When he was really young, we’d have to block out some space so he couldn’t see what we were doing because there are some things you just don’t want a little kid to observe (like undoing the lid on a jar of vitamins, using a knife to open a box, building a fire, etc. etc.) Lately,  neighbors (notice I didn’t mention Paul in this) have been pruning the bushes lining their landscaping.  In his curiosity, Ginger4 decided to take our hedge sheers off a top shelf in the garage and cut off the tops of all my flowers. The bad news is that he left a trail of evidence. The good news is that he admitted it.

Embarrassed (once again)…

I am not sure which is more embarrassing — Ginger3 announcing (in the grocery store check-out) we’re camping for spring break because “we’re a bunch of hillbillies,” or Ginger4 asking, after a dip in the pool, “Mom, do we need to take a shower after this, or does this take care of it?” (For the record, “this” took care of it).


We’re in Florida, celebrating Spring Break, and Ginger3 is complaining about a hiking “adventure” I decided we would take. He maintains, “We live miserable lives.” I am sure he is simply perfecting his craft of sarcasm.